The Box that John Built

The one thing our fifth wheel lacks is storage. We knew that when we chose it, but we also knew this was not the one we were going to live in. We only have some storage under the bed, the two benches in the dining area and a small storage area under the jackknife sofa in the living room. There was no storage on the outside other than the small space under the jackknife sofa that that is accessible from outside.

We needed a place to put the generator, barbecue, satellite dish and other large items. So my husband slapped together a few pieces of ACM and made a storage box. Just kidding! It was far more involved than that, of course. Technically, John used aluminum composite material (ACM) which is actually aluminum sheets pressed into plastic.  He measured 10 times and cut once – can you tell I didn’t watch him build it?



He extended the bumper on the rig to set the box on:



Most importantly, he put a bottle opener on the side just for me. Heh! Heh!



Can you imagine the honey do lists I could have given him over the years had I known he was so talented?!  I think the finished product turned out beautiful, don’t you?

STORAGE BOX FINISHED (except for touch up paint)

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