The End


Typically “the end of the road” has a negative connotation. This just isn’t true in our case as we arrive back at the beginning of our journey.

We began seriously planning our retirement, living full-time in an RV, during the summer of 2016. I don’t remember where or when the idea was first conceived as a real possibility, but it’s something I dreamed about as a young girl. People would say, “Why would you want to cook and clean when you can travel in a car and stay in hotels?” A rich person would probably see the logic in that, but I don’t know any rich people!

One of the hobbies we enjoyed most was camping.  We bought a Chalet pop-up trailer just to get us off of the ground.  We were, after all, late bloomers when we decided to enjoy camping. Tent camping had become more uncomfortable every year. We loved our cute little Chalet.  We had to always make sure the bed was made and everything was neat and tidy because our fellow campers had to see what was inside our cute little home away from home.

Our vacations had previously been mostly about cruise ships.  Although we enjoyed cruising very much, I still longed to see our own country.  I always said I had no interest in seeing Europe until I had seen all 50 states in America.  We eventually outgrew the pop-up and decided to try a fifth wheel on for size. We knew if we were going to do a lot of traveling, we would probably like a shower, a kitchen we could comfortably make meals in and a little bit more room to stretch out. So we bought a used, Layton fifth wheel with a king slide and very little storage capacity. Our Toyota Tundra would be able to tow our rig, saving us from having to buy both.  It was supposed to be an inexpensive test.  Will the Kendalls be able to live and travel together in a smaller space without killing each other? After thousands of dollars spent on converting our truck into a towing vehicle with a hitch and airbags, we traveled, stayed and played locally.

Since then, we are now on our last RV.  We have seen everything on our bucket lists from the West Coast to the East Coast and everything in between.  We have seen almost every national park, as well as silly little landmarks and attractions like Graceland.  But, what I love most of all is the opportunity to spend my life with my best friend and partner, my husband. We have grown together so much over the years and have met so many wonderful friends along the way.  Some have remained in our lives.   Some weren’t meant to stay, but we remember all of them and what each one has taught us.

This life may not be for everyone, but no matter what your dream is, follow it.  It is what we are here for. “If you can dream it, you can do it!” ~ Walt Disney can’t be wrong!

* * * * * *

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