A Lie

The 500 word per day challenge is a creative writing tool I’ve been involved in to get into the habit of writing every day.  It comes with prompts every day to get motivated.  Here is one of the days’ assignments…

Prompt from Jeff Goins, Author:

It’s true that honesty is the best policy. It’s just fun to fib now and again. Not in a dirty and deceptive way, but in a way that invokes imagination. Just for today’s challenge, it’s okay to stretch the truth a little. Rewrite history, imagine an alternative reality, or just plain lie. Whatever you do, have fun with this, and let us know how much you’re enjoying it.

A Deep Dark Secret

Our dream could become a reality.  The freedom of retirement and travel is coming to fruition, but I wonder what would happen if he knew the truth.

My grandfather’s family came to America from Chihuahua, Mexico and settled in Rodeo, California. Some of his ancestors, however, settled in El Paso, Texas. Some have been more than just successful.  In fact, I would say wealthy.  One relative was so wealthy that he sent my grandmother quite a substantial amount of money when my grandfather passed away.

I wouldn’t consider myself poor, or even comfortable financially.  As far as anyone knows, I have always struggled to make ends meet – no matter to whom I have been married.  I have always worked, have always paid bills and have always worried about running out of money.  I have never been able to shop without looking at price tags or researching the best deal.

The reason I have lived paycheck to paycheck is because I wanted to be loved for me; not my money.  I compare it to how I feel about my birth defect.  I have never wanted pity.  Nor have I asked for anything for free because of my difference.  I wanted to be loved for who I am inside.  The real me.  Only I have never told anyone who I really am.

The money that my grandmother received from El Paso was actually set aside for me.  My grandparents knew it would eventually be willed to them, but our relatives did not anticipate Grandpa ‘s illness at such a young age.  He also did not know my grandmother would live so much longer without her husband. So, our cousin sent the money to my grandmother before he died.

My grandmother never told anyone how much money she received. In fact, she received many more checks over the years.  She opened a trust fund in my name with the agreement that I could not have the money until I was HAPPILY married to someone who truly loved me.  If I told anyone about the money, the entire trust fund would go back to our family in Texas.  She hired an attorney as executer of the trust and he has been overseeing my life for over 25 years.

Now I have more money than I could ever spend.  My aunt, my daughter and granddaughter will never have to worry about money either.  My husband and I can drop out of society and follow our dreams.  Will he want to after I have lied to him all these years?  Will he forgive me – the one who always accuses him of lying? Will he ever trust me again?

Oh how I wish this was the truth!  On the other hand, although this was really fun to imagine, the truth is I know I will appreciate our future more without being handed it on a silver platter.  Then again…I wouldn’t say no to a bunch of money right now!

* * * * * *

2 thoughts on “A Lie

  1. Debbie

    Loved this…. Forgot you had made it up and I kept telling myself “I didn’t know that” at every line. Good writing, cousin. Oh, BTW…. I love you for you. Always have. Too many years have passed without you in my life. Glad you’re here now..


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