Camping in Mickey’s Backyard

A thought for today:


I would like to stop at my happy place before taking off to see America…oh come on…if you know me, you know this was coming.  If you don’t know me, just play along, get to know me a bit better and enjoy!

I have been to Disneyland 100 times. Ok – really closer to 60.  My first visit to the park was in 1962.  I was four years old.  A lot has changed since then.  Some good, some bad and some just different. I even love what I consider to be bad! But really…how bad can it be if it’s at the happiest place on earth?


This guy isn’t there anymore as well as Rocket/Flight to the Moon in the background. I always thought this was Captain Satellite, but it’s not.  In case you don’t remember what this ride looked like I found (and borrowed) these pics:



Isn’t it amazing how far simulated rides have come since 1962? This was considered the first one ever designed, although the screens took care of the sensations.  There was even a screen on the floor to show you where you had been.

Anyway…back to the original point of this post! Sorry – I get distracted at Disneyland. Things haven’t changed since the first time I walked down Main Street and walked into a garbage can.

We have always stayed at a Neighborhood Hotel on Harbor Boulevard or Katella Avenue.  We prefer walking into the park rather than dealing with parking. Sometimes it’s actually faster and closer to the main gate depending on where the motel is.  I have known about the Anaheim RV Park for years, but never had an RV.  I’d like to check it out. If you would like to learn more about it too, click on the link below to their website:



The amenities include full hook-ups (20, 30 or 50 amp electricity) including water and sewer connections. The park also provides premium sites accommodating 65 feet rigs. Hot showers and handicap accessible restrooms are located throughout the campground, as well as laundry facilities. There are also a swimming pool, spa, free high speed wi-fi and cable TV service. You can even bring your furry kids – there are even dog walk areas.


Click on the facilities map to use the push pin feature.  The website has a pretty cool interactive way to view photos of the pool and spa, BBQ area, shuttle service, office and café.

Anaheim RV Park also offers shuttle service, every 20 to 30 minutes, to Disneyland one hour before park opening and 30 minutes after closing. Continental breakfast is served daily beginning at 8 a.m.

Rates for 2016:

Peak Season(Plus Tax): 3/11/2016 – 09/01/2016 & 11/18/2016 – 01/05/2017
Off Season(Plus Tax): 01/05/2016 – 03/10/2016 & 09/02/2016 – 11/17/2016

Standard Pull-through

  Sunday through Thursday Friday & Saturday Weekly
Peak Season $67.00 $76.00 $405.00
Off-Peak Season $62.00 $66.00 $365.00

Deluxe Back-in

  Sunday through Thursday Friday & Saturday Weekly
Peak Season $70.00 $80.00 $435.00
Off-Peak Season $63.00 $69.00 $395.00

Premium Pull-through

  Sunday through Thursday Friday & Saturday Weekly
Peak Season Starting at
Starting at $90.00* $495.00
Off-Peak Season Starting at
Starting at $80.00* $460.00


  • 10% Off Military Discount – Must be active or retired US Military and show ID upon check-in
  • 10% Off AAA – Must present a valid membership card at the time of check-in
  • 10% Off Good Sam – Must present a valid membership card at the time of check-in
  • 10% Off FMCA  – Must present a valid membership card at the time of check-in

Only one discount allowed at a time and weekly rates are already discounted, therefore NOT subject to additional discounts.

Tickets to Disneyland Resort and other Southern California are available for purchase at Anaheim RV Park as well.

I have to wait, but there’s no reason you can’t go now.  So what are you waiting for?  Make reservations and get on outta here so you can tell me how it is!!!



*                     *                    *


Campground Membership Clubs

There are several questions you may want to answer before making a decision on joining a campground membership club:

  1. Where do you want to go? Regionally or nationally?
  2. What is your annual membership budget?
  3. What benefits are most important to you; i.e. do you want discounted sites, or site fees included with membership?
  4. What amenities are important, or is boondocking more up your alley?
  5. How long do you want to stay in one place?
  6. Is a refund offered if dissatisfied with membership?
  7. What other discounts would you like included with a membership?
  8. What services do you require:
    1. RV insurance?
    2. Roadside assistance?
    3. Credit card services?
    4. Mail forwarding?
  9. Are camping guides/maps provided?
  10. Are there education workshops, RV information (newsletters, etc)?
  11. Is networking important to you?
  12. Have you weighed out what is important to you against the cost of the membership? Is it worth it?


I have compared three of the most popular memberships along with my comments below:


Thousand Trails  (longest and most complicated)

Memberships were formerly open to lifetime members only.  Since 1970, Thousand Trails merged with two other companies:  NACO (21 resorts) and Leisure Time (7 resorts).  There are 86 resorts to choose from in 22 states and British Columbia, Canada. Gone are the sales presentations, expensive up-front fees, and long-term contracts. TT now offers a Camping Pass with a fee for each zone:


Northwest Zone – 18 campgrounds in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington

Southwest Zone – 18 campgrounds in Arizona, California and Nevada

Midwest Zone – 13 campgrounds in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin

Northeast Zone – 14 campgrounds in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

Southeast Zone – 23 campgrounds in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

The links are provided in case you want to dig deeper into further detail!

Note:  Resale options are available through private sellers, referrals and brokers. We have only listed new purchase information because of the obvious apples to oranges situation.

Standard Membership

  • Unlimited use (no limit to the total number of nights you may use your Camping Pass each year)
  • Structure includes a maximum of 14 consecutive days at any particular resort. If your stay exceeds four consecutive nights you must wait for seven nights before you stay again at any
  • No nightly fee
  • Yearly dues are $545 – can be paid in 12 monthly installments with a two-year agreement and automatic payments from a credit card or bank account.
  • TT frequently runs a special – two zones for $545. Each additional zone pass is $795 per year.

From the Thousand Trails website: “At each resort, we provide a secure, gated environment with park rangers who look out for our guests’ safety. Most of our campsites are fully equipped with electrical, water and sewer hookups, as well as barbeque pits and picnic tables. We can accommodate a wide variety of RVs from pop-up campers to Class A motorhomes. In addition to our spacious RV and tent sites, we also provide a full range of rental accommodations, from cabins & cottages to yurts, so you can leave your RV or tent at home and still enjoy our resorts in style.”

There seem to be a lot of amenities in each resort, but it would be best to look at each campground to see which ones are included in specific locations.

I would have to do a LOT more research to consider a membership. I am assuming there are no extra charges unless camping at an Encore Resort.  Per the TT Camping Pass FAQ, members using their RVs receive discounts that vary by resort.

Several things bother me, but it’s only my opinion – take it with a grain of salt, or you can also leave it if you like! 

  1. Resorts only exist in 22 states. If I wanted to purchase all five zones it would cost $545 for two and $795 per zone for the remaining 3 zones.  That is almost $3,000.
  2. The maximum stay per resort wouldn’t bother me without the seven day out rule.
  3. I would definitely read reviews before camping at any of the resorts.  Some are nice; some are not, according to the reviews I have read so far. I don’t really like spending money on a crap shoot!


Sunrise Resorts

Sunrise Resorts offers 12 resorts located in Alaska, Arizona and Washington only. RV sites and cabin rental accommodations are available.

Amenities include swimming pools, hot tubs, clubhouses, laundry facilities, showers, playgrounds, and game rooms.

RV Adventure Pass Benefits:

  • Discounted sites at all locations – currently $10.00 per night
  • Limited to 14 consecutive nights in and 7 nights out
  • Additional fees for wi-fi and cable TV
  • Rate includes one RV, one vehicle and 4 people

Annual Pass Fee: $299

Note:  Activation fees are $50.00, plus tax $38.74 – Total fee to join is $387.74

It was not clear if the discount was $10.00 off the nightly fee, or if the site was actually $10 per night with an annual membership.  Either way, this membership does not include very many locations, therefore would not be beneficial to us.


Western Horizon Resorts

Locations are “coast to coast”, but still only 12 (more in one state versus another and obviously not in every one) – I would say “coast to coast” is misleading…

There was no membership information on their website, and no online sign up capabilities, but instructions were given to call 970.641.5387. It wasn’t worth it for me to call a toll number for a membership like this. Members can make reservations online, but only two are allowed at one time. Members may stay at each resort for two weeks in and one week out. There is a toll free reservation phone number.

Contact information is as follows:

Western Horizon Resorts
103 West Tomichi Ave.
Gunnison, CO 81230

Telephone: (970) 641-5387
Fax: (970) 642-4592
HOURS: Monday -Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST
Closed 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. for lunch



The Most Important Day of My Life

Another prompt in the 500 word per day challenge by Jeff Goins:

“Write about the most important day of your life. If you need help getting started, consider this prompt: write a short scene from your life. Try writing about graduation or getting married. Show us what it felt like to become a parent for the first time or to win the homecoming game. Grammar isn’t important (for now); instead, focus on repainting a scene for us.”

The Most Important Day of My Life

It is just like me to make this subject harder than necessary. This earlier prompt has been continuously passed up because I couldn’t decide what would make the best story instead of what the real answer has been all along. Thinking it would be difficult to narrow down the ultimate answer is how the procrastination began. What was THE most important day of my life?

High school graduation was an important day. Holding the empty folder made especially for my official diploma was a great feeling – a sense of relief. “School’s OUT For Ever”!  I was an official adult, a grownup who was free to decide her own fate and destiny. The year was 1976. I was an 18 year old with a whole life ahead of me, but what was I suppose to do with an entire life?  Commencement was a life- changing event, but not the most important.

My 50th was the best birthday ever, but the celebrations were not the most important days of my life. I can still remember planning our vacation to Walt Disney World, an unattainable destination in the past. My excitement grew as if I was a child again anticipating our yearly trip to Disneyland. This time, however, a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean would follow – two of my favorite types of escape back to back. I also received one of the best presents ever on the cruise portion of our holiday. A pharmacist gave me the name of my mother’s medication that actually caused my birth defect. My girlfriend, Nancy, treated me to Disneyland that year as well – an absolutely generous birthday gift. Still, this milestone year was not of the absolute importance.

Our most recent life-changing event was extremely significant. The birth of our granddaughter was an amazing experience filled with so much emotion it’s difficult to put into words. I will never forget feeling Michelle’s unborn child move beneath her skin, and singing “You are My Sunshine” with my face pressed against my daughter’s belly. My heart grew even more with the anticipation and sex reveal of our LauraSue. Our dream had come true. Watching her come into this world via the bravest woman I have ever seen in my own daughter will be a memory firmly implanted in my mind forever. BUT, not MY most important day. It was Michelle’s.

No. The most important day of my life was giving birth to my own daughter almost 37 years ago. Remember? All I ever wanted to be was a mother and wife. It makes perfect sense that one of the two most difficult jobs for me has become the most important and rewarding. How can it be possible to love someone so much before ever seeing or touching her? January 1st will forever be the day that changed my life completely. Michelle’s birth day was when absolute, unconditional love entered my heart and gave me a reason to share with everything I’ve always had within.

* * * * * *

National Camping Discount Clubs


This is a blog post about discounts and benefits for becoming a member of certain clubs for long term RVers, weekend campers – even tent campers. We will be researching Campground Membership Clubs (like Thousand Trails) and Specialty RV Travel Clubs (like RVUSA) in a different post.

We were fortunate enough to camp again with friends last weekend at Snowflower, a Thousand Trails Resort near Immigrant Gap, California. Our friends are members, but we are not. We camped as guests. I got to thinking about memberships and discount travel clubs.  I knew there were different types of clubs, but thought it may be beneficial to research what is available and how the options work. Certainly our decision to purchase one or more discount cards may differ from full-time RVers, but here are some comparisons to help decide what might fit you the best as well:

 Discount Clubs

Good Sam Club Membership



$27/1 year

$50/2 years (save $4)

$69/3 years (save $12)


  • Save 10% on nightly rate at 2,100+ Good Sam Parks
  • Save up to 30% at Camping World
  • Save on fuel at Pilot Flying J
  • Save up to 65% on each prescription filled at over 59,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Save 50% off regular adult admission prices at Good Sam sponsored RV shows
  • Save $5 when joining Passport America, plus get 3 free months free
  • Save on pet food and treats at
  • Save  on dog walkers and sitters in 10,000+ cities at
  • Save on pet toys and treats at
  • Discounts on prescribed pet medications
  • Save on pet insurance (coming soon)


  •  Mail forwarding: – Starting at just $9/month – mail forwarded on your schedule, account management tools, toll-free phone support, USPS or FedEx forwarding, shred/recycle unwanted mail, scanning for urgent letters, auto shipments daily, weekly or monthly, unique physical address in Florida.

 Note:  Basic and Premium plans each offer specific choices and different pricing for club members and non-club members.  Club members prices start with a Basic Plan for $64.80/3 months.

  • RV Trip Planning: Online planning tool, get driving directions from point to point, trip itineraries, travel guides and points-of-interest along the way. Includes calculating fuel costs and travel time, avoiding tolls and low clearance/tunnel warnings.

Additional Services for extra fees: 

  • TravelAssist:  $79/year – Medical emergency evacuation, transportation and monitoring, return home of traveling companion, pet return assistance,  paid transportation home of patient and RV, lost luggage assistance and more. 
  • Extended Service Plan: Call for free quote 888.787.7683


Passport America



$44/1 year

$79/2 years (save $9)

$109/3 years (save $23)


  • Save 50% on Passport America campsites (nearly 1,900 campgrounds)
  • Free 50% Discount Camping Directory (over 480 pages)
  • Decal
  • Free online subscription to the RV America Magazine ($12 value)


  • Free Trip Routing – Point A to B directions with campgrounds en route.


The Happy Camper Club


Happy Camper is an online discount club for RVers, is a web based club with ALL guides, listings and maps available to members online and updated on a “real time” basis.

“Happy Camper is a 50% discount camping club for RVers.As a member you can stay at nearly 1,000 RV parks and Campgrounds for up to half price. Buy today camp tonight. ”




  • Up to 50% off at nearly 1,200 campgrounds
  • Free online camping guide
  • Free online email account
  • Free online Trip Planner
  • Free collection of Ebooks ($80 value)



Escapees RV Club


“A total support network that will meet all your travel needs, whether you travel full-time, part-time or sometime – Escapees help figure out how to get your mail, generating income on the road, finding reputable RV services, and locating places to park.”





  • Save  15 to 50% (1,000 camprounds)
  • Free Travel Guide with maps/directions
  • Free online maps
  • Free Escapees Magazine


  • Job Board – “Looking for work while you travel or want to post a job opportunity? The Job Center connects those seeking job opportunities and those hunting for full-time, part-time, or contract workers. The RV community offers both mobility and flexibility that are hard to find elsewhere. Looking for a simple house-sitter or need someone with nursing skills to assist an elderly parent? Need someone with carpentry skills or technical expertise? The Job Center is comprised of diversely talented people.”
  • Escapees RV Advocacy Coalition – Escapees has fought to uphold full-time RVers’ right to vote; defeated unfair RV-specific taxes; protected overnight parking rights; and stood up to city, county, state, and federal regulations that threatened our personal freedoms.”Escapees has fought to uphold full-time RVers’ right to vote; defeated unfair RV-specific taxes; protected overnight parking rights; and stood up to city, county, state, and federal regulations that threatened our personal freedoms.”

Fallen Leaf Campground

Fallen Leaf Campground is located on the north shore of Fallen Leaf Lake and adjacent to Taylor Creek. The south shore of Lake Tahoe is less than a mile away – some beaches on Lake Tahoe are within walking distance. The campground has 206 sites that include 6 yurts, and standard tent/RV sites. There is no electrical, water or sewer hookups. A dump site is available at the adjacent Camp Richardson for an $18 fee.

The location is very convenient for us:

 2165 Fallen Leaf Rd South Lake Tahoe
CA 96150
(877) 444-6777

We stayed in Site 151 – not a great site for even our small, 30 ft RV. If you are good at turning a 5th wheel on a dime, maneuvering between dumpsters, a water bib and recycling bins, this spot will be great for you!  Oh yeah, and you have to love the sun and its warmth and/or running your A/C.  Although, the cool, high altitude air cools everything off at night, a day time nap inside the rig requires air!

Contract: NRSO Park: 71531 Site: 279266

MOST SITES ARE HUGE!  It almost made up for the terrible pad – not quite, but if reservations aren’t made six months in advance, you end up with something like this:


Here is our review:

Campground Information:

Site #151 – Not ideal but large enough for a family site.

Reservations needed by:  

Reservations can be made six months in advance online line at:


This campground is HUGE and in a forest setting.  Being near Lake Tahoe is a bonus. There are hiking trails to suit everyone – easy, hard, long, short, on or near beaches, low and high elevations.  Anything you desire. The area is postcard perfect. Not only is Lake Tahoe one of the most beautiful bodies of water in California, this campground also has its own lake, Fallen Leaf Lake, surrounded by mountains and beautiful pine trees. Fishing, kayaking, boating and swimming is available. Simply breathtaking – and, incidentally, very cold:


This photo was taken on the south side; not campground entrance.  I forgot to take one!

The campground offered:

The tent and RV sites have paved parking aprons. Each yurt and standard site has a bear-proof food storage locker, campfire ring, pedestal grill and picnic table.

Coin-operated shower facilities, water spigots and accessible restrooms with flush toilets are scattered throughout the campground. A camp host is on-site, and firewood and supplies can be purchased from the camp store. A public phone is also available.

The surrounding woods provide habitat for squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks and a variety of birds. The campground has some resident black bears that are often seen by guests; please be safe around bears.

Places visited and things to remember next time:

We will be staying here again, as we do every year.  We actually took two hours on Saturday morning to walk the entire campground.  We took notes and photographs of every site we liked – being choosy on available shade, pad size, lot size, location and traffic (loops have less traffic than the main road in and out).  Most of our site reviews were based on three sites together because we camp here annually. This was the annual trip with friends so this write-up is based on a group stay.

Our group stays at least three nights.  The first night is glamping.  We set up camp and head over to the Beacon Bar and Grill, the home of the Rum Runner (tropical fruit juice with Spiced Rum, White Rum, and a float of Dark Rum on top of a slushy mix). Most of us also have calamari with our traditional cocktails.  The Beacon, part of Camp Richardson, does have a wonderful menu, but we just can’t seem to get past the generous portions of appetizers, clam chowder and drinks.


Hours & Info:
7 days a week: 10:30am – Close
Live Music: Weekends (1-5pm)
Reservations: 530-541-0630




We always do some kind of hike during our stay. There are so many beautiful trails.  This time we hiked overlooking Emerald Bay:


We parked at the D. L. Bliss State Park Beach and began our trek on the Rubicon Trail:


I don’t wanna bore you with a gazillion landscape pictures, but OMG:


See you next time !!


Brannan Island State Recreational Area Campground

We stayed in Site 107, Olympic Loop, at this year-round campground. The park is near our hometown and family who live in the North Bay area, although we have never camped here until now.

The location is very convenient for us:

17645 California Hwy 160
Rio Vista, CA 
(916) 777-6671

We booked this site for Labor Day Weekend because it was available during a busy, holiday weekend and was close to a reunion we attended in Vallejo, as well as our families.

Here is our review:

Campground Information:

Site #107 – we liked #110 the best (handicapped), but all others were similar.

Reservations needed by:  

Reservations can be made all year by going to:

Or calling: 800.444.7075


Not a very aesthetically pleasing campground.  Especially the RV loop which is very small. The individual sites are close together as well. Some trees, but very dry and brown grounds even though surrounded by water. Regular RV sites are $50 per night including an $8.00 reservation fee.


This photo was taken by John from an empty site next to ours.

The campground offered:

Amenities included 30 amp electrical, water, 8′ picnic tables and fire pits. Hubby liked the dump site.  Tent sites do not have power or water. Hubby liked the dump area – very convenient sanitary system set up on a loop. There was a very nice day use area with boat launches and nice, green grounds with picnic tables.

The park has a ten lane launch ramp, over 140 campsites and areas for picnicking and swimming. Flush toilets and outdoor cold showers are available.

Places visited and things to remember next time:

We met some very nice people as always. We had an issue with our battery and our neighbor, Jeff, helped John get our truck running. He and his wife had a refurbished, teal and white travel trailer from the 60’s.  Really cute!

We also met a nice couple from San Leandro with a pop-up, Bernard and Linda.  We hope to see them again in our travels.  Nice folks, but we didn’t get to know them until our last morning at camp. I wanted to stay longer to spend more time with them.

NOTE:  Do not follow GPS – we took a left on Twitchell Island Road instead of going a bit further where the Brannan Island SRA sign is. If you go over the bridge, you’ve gone to far too. Humphrey, the lost Humpback whale is no longer there – no reason to go across it! We got a very bumpy view of the entire surrounding marina areas with the premature left turn. It turned out to be a 35 minute detour. I’m surprised nothing broke in the trailer cause the road was terrible! Guess I’m a good organizer/packer!

We’ll probably stay here again, but not because it was anything spectacular, but our kids are 30 minutes away. We always enjoy spending a day at camp with our new granddaughter too.



Her 3 month old milestone! Sorry – a shameless plug for our little LauraSue. The photo was taken by her mommy at one of the boat launches in the park. That makes it OK, right?


We are still modifying and fine tuning our 5th wheel.  John made an outdoor area for our cat.  Stay tuned for a blog post on that!

See you next time !!


The 500 word challenge continues. Today’s contribution is below.  Hope you enjoy it. The following is part of the prompt by Jeff Goins, Author:

“Perseverance prevails in defiance of what we think is possible. In other words, amaze yourself. Keep going. Don’t quit. And what’s the challenge for today? Write about hope. Take whatever fears and insecurities you have, your internal questions and doubts, and turn them into words that inspire. Don’t give up. And don’t let others. The cost is too great. We can’t miss out on what you have to say.”


I have had hope lots of times. Some expectations were met with reward – some with defeat and disappointment. Some wishes just were not meant to be. Although some dreams never came into fruition, most times there was a lesson learned and clarity usually followed. Other times the message to try harder presented itself.

My love for writing has always existed. Opportunities have risen repeatedly for me to use writing as a form of creativity.  A certificate for excellent penmanship was the first award I ever received. I loved the craft even in elementary school when it meant holding a pencil because computers were nonexistent. Report writing was always easy for me, although school wasn’t where my heart was in order to showcase it.  I particularly enjoyed college English. My immigration paper (I will share on this blog soon) from Elements of the Argument class earned an A+ and has been the piece I am most proud of . Again, what else was I supposed to do with a skill so easy for me?

Maybe lacking a venue to utilize creative writing was a good enough reason not to do it, as well as the need to support myself financially. Just doing something I loved seemed selfish – especially with the fear of not making money, or contributing to my family. I also believe you have to love something to be good at it, but even so, I never thought I was good enough to make writing a source of income.

My obsession with stationery and office supplies should have been an indication of my passion. I can still almost hear a choir singing just thinking about my ideal office with a desk, a comfortable chair, electronic equipment, paper and a container full of my favorite pens on the desktop.  OK – a bit extreme, but I am definitely a kid in a candy shop in an office supply store!

The 500 word per day challenge has opened up a whole new, yet familiar, world for me.  At 58 years old, what have I got to lose? The time has come to put some energy toward a calling I never seriously realized. I had the key the entire time.  It’s time to use it to open the door – even if it means using my brain during retirement instead of wasting away in front of a television.

* * * * * *

Our California Central Coast RV Trip (Revision #1)

We have taken our best friends from across the pond (Liverpool area, England) to attractions in Northern and Southern California. We will be touring the middle of California along the coast in 2017.  We aren’t sure of dates or lengths of stays, but here is the draft itinerary with campgrounds and places of interest:


Departure SB  I-5 to rest stop  –  (106 miles)

San Benito RV & Camping Resort

16225 Cienega Road Paicines (near Hollister), CA 95043 (I-5 to 152 to 156 and on the way to 101)




From $58.00 per day

These back-in, grass pad sites offer 30 amp electric, shade, and are close to the adult center, adult pool and restrooms. Full hook up and 50 amp service if available at check-in, for an additional charge. Size limit is 50′.

Site Map


Sunday and Monday

To Pismo Beach via 101 – 2 hr 28 min 138 miles

Pismo Coast Village RV Resport


Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

At Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of family activities and accommodations, affordable rates and ideal weather year-round. • Clubhouse • Basketball court • Horseshoe pits • Mini-golf course • Heated swimming pool • Video and pinball arcade • Large laundromat • Full service restrooms • Propane, firewood and ice • Well-stocked General Store • RV storage, repair service, wash and spray wax • Groups and clubs welcome • Bicycle rentals • Complimentary Wireless Internet Access

Site Map


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Pismo to Paseo Robles  – 42 mi (approx. 45 min)



Wine Country RV Resort

2500 Airport Rd.
Paso Robles, CA 93446



Full hookup service that can fit rigs up to 70 feet with plenty of room for slide-outs. Complimentary wi-fi and cable are provided for your enjoyment as well as a picnic table to entertain outdoors. Other site options include concrete pads, breathtaking bluff views and pull through availability.

Amenities:  Pool, billiards, adult escape full outdoor bar with wines and beer on tap, cornhole oversized Jenga

Site Map

We plan to do some driving in Morro Bay and San Simeon areas after planting the RV in the campround.  The following is one tour on the list:


Hearst Castle –  tours start at $25

Saturday, Sunday and Monday – maybe Tuesday who knows?

Paso Robles to Monterey –  115.8 mi (via 101) about 2 hours

Carmel By the River RV Park

27680 Schulte Rd.
Carmel, CA 93923


Carmel park

  • 35 full hookup RV sites
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Sewer
  • Cable T.V.
  • Free WiFi
  • 50amp Hookups
  • Private BBQ Grills
  • General Store
  • RV Supplies
  • Club/Meeting Room
  • Propane Sales and exchange program
  • Hot showers
  • Lounge with ping-pong, pool and air-hockey
  • 4.5 miles from downtown Carmel
  • 7 miles from Monterey
  • 2 day pass Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets sold here

Site Map

We plan to park at the above resort for our last few days to see the following sites:

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Cannery Row/Wharf
Drive Hwy 1 to Big Sur
Capitola – maybe the Ritz
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


If you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. Especially, if you live in the areas we plan to visit.

Our itinerary is a draft and there is lots of time to be amended or revised !

Thanks in advance for your help.