The 500 word challenge continues. Today’s contribution is below.  Hope you enjoy it. The following is part of the prompt by Jeff Goins, Author:

“Perseverance prevails in defiance of what we think is possible. In other words, amaze yourself. Keep going. Don’t quit. And what’s the challenge for today? Write about hope. Take whatever fears and insecurities you have, your internal questions and doubts, and turn them into words that inspire. Don’t give up. And don’t let others. The cost is too great. We can’t miss out on what you have to say.”


I have had hope lots of times. Some expectations were met with reward – some with defeat and disappointment. Some wishes just were not meant to be. Although some dreams never came into fruition, most times there was a lesson learned and clarity usually followed. Other times the message to try harder presented itself.

My love for writing has always existed. Opportunities have risen repeatedly for me to use writing as a form of creativity.  A certificate for excellent penmanship was the first award I ever received. I loved the craft even in elementary school when it meant holding a pencil because computers were nonexistent. Report writing was always easy for me, although school wasn’t where my heart was in order to showcase it.  I particularly enjoyed college English. My immigration paper (I will share on this blog soon) from Elements of the Argument class earned an A+ and has been the piece I am most proud of . Again, what else was I supposed to do with a skill so easy for me?

Maybe lacking a venue to utilize creative writing was a good enough reason not to do it, as well as the need to support myself financially. Just doing something I loved seemed selfish – especially with the fear of not making money, or contributing to my family. I also believe you have to love something to be good at it, but even so, I never thought I was good enough to make writing a source of income.

My obsession with stationery and office supplies should have been an indication of my passion. I can still almost hear a choir singing just thinking about my ideal office with a desk, a comfortable chair, electronic equipment, paper and a container full of my favorite pens on the desktop.  OK – a bit extreme, but I am definitely a kid in a candy shop in an office supply store!

The 500 word per day challenge has opened up a whole new, yet familiar, world for me.  At 58 years old, what have I got to lose? The time has come to put some energy toward a calling I never seriously realized. I had the key the entire time.  It’s time to use it to open the door – even if it means using my brain during retirement instead of wasting away in front of a television.

* * * * * *

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