The Most Important Day of My Life

Another prompt in the 500 word per day challenge by Jeff Goins:

“Write about the most important day of your life. If you need help getting started, consider this prompt: write a short scene from your life. Try writing about graduation or getting married. Show us what it felt like to become a parent for the first time or to win the homecoming game. Grammar isn’t important (for now); instead, focus on repainting a scene for us.”

The Most Important Day of My Life

It is just like me to make this subject harder than necessary. This earlier prompt has been continuously passed up because I couldn’t decide what would make the best story instead of what the real answer has been all along. Thinking it would be difficult to narrow down the ultimate answer is how the procrastination began. What was THE most important day of my life?

High school graduation was an important day. Holding the empty folder made especially for my official diploma was a great feeling – a sense of relief. “School’s OUT For Ever”!  I was an official adult, a grownup who was free to decide her own fate and destiny. The year was 1976. I was an 18 year old with a whole life ahead of me, but what was I suppose to do with an entire life?  Commencement was a life- changing event, but not the most important.

My 50th was the best birthday ever, but the celebrations were not the most important days of my life. I can still remember planning our vacation to Walt Disney World, an unattainable destination in the past. My excitement grew as if I was a child again anticipating our yearly trip to Disneyland. This time, however, a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean would follow – two of my favorite types of escape back to back. I also received one of the best presents ever on the cruise portion of our holiday. A pharmacist gave me the name of my mother’s medication that actually caused my birth defect. My girlfriend, Nancy, treated me to Disneyland that year as well – an absolutely generous birthday gift. Still, this milestone year was not of the absolute importance.

Our most recent life-changing event was extremely significant. The birth of our granddaughter was an amazing experience filled with so much emotion it’s difficult to put into words. I will never forget feeling Michelle’s unborn child move beneath her skin, and singing “You are My Sunshine” with my face pressed against my daughter’s belly. My heart grew even more with the anticipation and sex reveal of our LauraSue. Our dream had come true. Watching her come into this world via the bravest woman I have ever seen in my own daughter will be a memory firmly implanted in my mind forever. BUT, not MY most important day. It was Michelle’s.

No. The most important day of my life was giving birth to my own daughter almost 37 years ago. Remember? All I ever wanted to be was a mother and wife. It makes perfect sense that one of the two most difficult jobs for me has become the most important and rewarding. How can it be possible to love someone so much before ever seeing or touching her? January 1st will forever be the day that changed my life completely. Michelle’s birth day was when absolute, unconditional love entered my heart and gave me a reason to share with everything I’ve always had within.

* * * * * *

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