Choosing an RV

What will make you happy?

So you have decided to buy a recreational vehicle, but what type will fit your needs and lifestyle? There are many makes, models, design and body types.  In the interest of keeping it simple, I will attempt to address the most common, not including pop-ups and smaller units typically used for weekend camping:

Class A Motorhome


The Class A RV is typically constructed on a commercial truck, bus or some type of custom designed chassis.  They can be powered by gas or diesel engines. Class A motorhomes can be up to 40 or more feet long.


  • Easy to drive
  • Living quarters are accessible from the cockpit
  • Some offer more luxury and amenities
  • No need to immediately brave bad weather to set up camp


  • Price – especially with extensive amenities
  • Size limits where to park and/or stay
  • Having a tow vehicle vs. driving the motorhome to run errands or tour areas
  • If coach breaks down you could be in a motel while your home is in the shop


Class B Motorhome


Think van conversion only with some really cool amenities.  They sure have come a long way and come with dinettes, different bed types and even showers/toilets now. Mostly gas and diesel powered.


  • Easy to drive/handle than larger rigs
  • Living quarters are accessible from the cockpit
  • Less upkeep and expense than larger RVs
  • Can stay and play most anywhere


  • Too small and confining for tall people
  • Gas mileage isn’t great even for this small type of RV
  • Used, larger motorhomes can be bought for a similar price and offer more bang for
    the buck.


Class C Motorhome


A mid-range motorhome (bigger than a Class B and smaller than a Class A). They are pretty much a motorhome stuck on a van chassis and gas, propane or diesel powered.


  • Easy to drive and maneuver
  • Take up less space to park and/or camp than Class A’s
  • Easy access from cockpit to living area
  • More storage than Class B – big enough to pack just about whatever you need


  • Not an ideal vehicle to tootle around town in – too big and not good for downtown parking
  • More difficult for smaller roads and facilities designed for much smaller vehicles
  • Not as fuel efficient as Class B’s
  • Height and length of modern Class C’s complicate accessibility (driveways, some campsites)

In Conclusion:

The RV that will ultimately satisfy your wishes, needs and lifestyle is a personal choice. Our goal is to travel as long as we possibly can and use our traveling home as a primary residence. We are minimalists who are not attached to “stuff” and have already successfully downsized .  The process was not only humbling, but freeing. We want to be able to go anywhere including boondocking off the grid. We don’t want to be limited on where we can go and/or stay because of rig size when we are not roughing it somewhere. We still believe a fifth wheel is the better choice FOR US.  Our next one will be 30′ or shorter and will have solar energy and other modifications for long-term, full-time living. I’m sure there will be another blog entry about our dream rig so stay tuned! And good luck finding the perfect RV for you!



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