Fall – Colors without Fluff

Here is another writing prompt in the 500 Word Challenge by Jeff Goins:

“Cut the fluff. Write 500 words without using the word “that” or “very”. Try to use absolutely no adverbs (hint: “absolutely” is an adverb). See how much stronger your writing is when you just get to the point? Why not just do that all the time? Don’t worry. You can have your fluff back tomorrow, but see what you can learn from this exercise.”

Fall – Colors without Fluff

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between fall and autumn? I had to Google it for the sake of my own curiosity. Fall and autumn are the only season with two names and originally called Harvest. Fall is an Old English name brought to the New World from Britain, but it is unknown when or where the name autumn originated. American English primarily uses fall (fall of the leaf) and British English uses autumn almost exclusively.

My favorite season is fall for many reasons: Cooler weather begins, beautiful colors appear from the tops of trees to the earth, and the holiday season is just around the corner. The transition between summer and winter represents a break in extreme temperatures like fresh, crisp air after a heavy rain.

Summer heat has always been uncomfortable unless the ocean, a lake or river was at my disposal. Hot air sucks the breath, energy and life right out of me. Maybe I have no energy because I cannot breathe. I find it difficult and timely to cool down once overheated as well. Not only am I uncomfortable, but I am miserable a long time!

Cold or freezing temperatures are more tolerable, but still not ideal. I have always been of the opinion that cooler weather is easier because one can always add clothes to get warm. Summer weather does not always afford the opportunity to remove clothes to cool down. Sometimes it wouldn’t matter if all of them were removed anyway! Either choice – cold or hot climates leave me searching for warm shelter or relief from an air conditioner and water.

The beginning of fall is beautiful with red, orange and yellow leaves on the trees. The perfect temperature means being able to spend time outdoors to take in spectacular sunsets in living color. The cozy decorations of gourds, sunflowers, aromatic candles and earth tones are homey and soothing. Childhood memories of Halloween make it one of my favorite holidays. I always looked forward to scavenger hunts, going door to door for candy, eating popcorn balls and dressing in costume. Happy times.

AND FOOTBALL STARTS IN THE FALL! Who can forget American tradition and all its glory? Holidays would have certainly been different without the whole family gathered around the TV for the San Francisco 49ers, chips and dip and laziness at its best. It meant Thanksgiving, our large and traditional family gathering would be right around the corner.

A candlelit house, a roaring fireplace, a roast with fixings in the oven, and a football game on the television means fall to me. I love walking outside on the first day fall is in the air. It happened today. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to write this until I could feel it. Maybe my love for the season is why there are sunflowers in our house all year. The yellow, happy flower reminds me of what good feels like.

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