Harvest Hosts

Would you like a unique overnight stay with a view?  Do you like wine, farms or different experiences on the road?  How about spending the night for free? Interesting and fun locations including wine tasting, museums, homegrown produce or farm tours await you.  Some even have gift shops with homemade crafts perfect for holiday shopping.

All you need is a self-contained RV (no tents or pop-up trailers) and a membership.  You can purchase one online for $44 per year, or $40 with an automatic renewal option.

Hosts include wineries, breweries, open-air museums, wildlife rescues, fruit and vegetable farms, orchards, flower and herb gardens, dairies and creameries.

Per the website:

As a member you will be able to:

  • Customize Host lists
  • Download Host Directories
  • Search maps of the Host locations
  • Create custom trip routing
  • Upload and read comments, reviews and photos directly on the Host pages

Here is a map of locations:



There are only a few things asked of you as a guest of the hosts:

*Be sure to call ahead. *Arrive during business hours. *Show your Host your membership card for the current year. *Park only in areas indicated. *Use any facilities with moderation.  *Take trash with you. *Ensure water tank is full and waste tanks empty.  *Do not empty gray water. *Never light fires or BBQs. *No awnings. *Take care with children. *Keep all pets on leash and pick up after them. *Ask before using your generator. *Do not stay longer than 24 hours without permission.

Not much to ask for a free overnight stay (or more with prior permission).  I can’t wait to try our membership out!

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, click here.

Happy Camping!!

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