Thanksgiving on the Road


Oh yes – it can be done.  There are lots of ways to pull off Turkey Day in a small space.  We did it last year and it was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had.  We have a new baby in the family now and her mom and dad (our kids) are hosting this year.  We couldn’t pass that up! So we will be celebrating in stix and bricks this year.

Every year I create the menu first – no matter where we have Thanksgiving.  Most times, it is the same.  Once in awhile I’ll add something new if the mood strikes.  Here is a sample of our traditional menu:

Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Green bean casserole
A veggie my husband will eat (corn) - I'd rather have brussel sprouts (IJS)
Fruit salad

And then there is dessert (oh how I’d like to get some lessons from my bestie, Claudia’s on her homemade pies), but unfortunately, my homemade desserts are not pies.  Those are provided by someone else. Mine are usually cake related (I can do that) or bakery bought.

There are so many ways to roast a turkey if you are in an RV.  Today’s technology has given us many gadgets for our appliance bone yards:



Nuwave 20326 Pro Digital-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven, Black


This little handy tabletop oven fits a 16 pound turkey – along with a lot of other things.  It’s actually Convection, Conduction and Infrared.  A dream come true for those who love to cook and experiment in any kitchen.

Another option is a turkey fryer.  I understand fried turkey is delicious, although I’ve never tried it.  It kind of seems dangerous and less healthy, but I’m not judging.  With my luck, I’d set the whole campground and myself on fire.  But it’s a good way for the brave and experienced to get a bird done outside with no fuss and no basting.

Here’s how we did our first turkey on the road.  First, it was made easy by camping with full hookups.  I have (had) a favorite roasting pan.  It was the perfect size for a small roast, potatoes and carrots dinner all in one pan.  I was sure it would fit in our small oven, but it was just a bit too large.  So my husband sawed the handles off !  It fits perfectly now and I still get to use it.  We put a pampered chef stone in the bottom of the oven to disburse heat evenly, added an oven thermometer to monitor the eat and boo-yah – it worked!  I will definitely do this again – with or without electricity.  Propane is very useful and efficient!

Next – since I was on vacation and doing most of the cooking myself, I didn’t want to risk ignoring the turkey and ending up with a dry mess.  So I put some fresh garlic cloves in a self-basting roasting bag, washed and rubbed down the bird with olive oil, garlic and a poultry rub and threw it in the bag.  The best turkey we ever had. Period. And so easy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t eat the skin, I don’t care what the turkey looks like and the most important thing to me is moisture and taste.  So for us – it was perfect!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving – on or off  the road!  I know I’m definitely taking one day to indulge!

See you soon!!!






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