One thing I love about December is…

I thought I would add another story since we have been on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. We weren’t in the RVing mode, but I’ll get back on the horse with wheels this week. Until then…enjoy!

December Writing Prompts (a new challenge)

December 1, 2016

One thing I love about December is…

I feel like I’m beginning this challenge with the most difficult prompt – including topics written during the 500 word per day challenge. There is only one thing I don’t like about December:  The obvious – my mother died on the first of December. I could have written a LOT about that subject. I suppose the silver lining is there are 30 more days in the month to be grateful for or simply enjoy.

I guess the festive feeling of December is what I love the most.  Many things contribute to this celebratory month. I’ll start with my first memories; not the one my family remembers. No one blames the little girl, the first grandchild, sitting by the Christmas tree next to a stack of presents taller than herself. I’m glad I have no memory of opening each gift, hardly looking at each one and casting it to the side as if to say, “NEXT!”  Just playing that tape in my head shames me even though I’ve never seen it.

All my childhood Christmases are a blur of scattered memories like clips from different movies on a reel of film – yet they are all so much alike. We had certain traditions every year beginning with the change of weather.  As the fog and colder air moved into the valley, it seemed to be the cue to begin Christmas shopping.  We never started early because our Christmas savings account awaited that last deposit. Meanwhile, the decorations started going up.  We couldn’t wrap presents until we had a tree to place them under. Looking back I think my mother must have spent a fortune on decorations and ornaments because our house looked different every year. The gatherings and celebrations were the same, but never the design. One year a flocked tree, the next year a red themed tree, another year blue.  Of course, this was after our old tin foil tree with the color wheel finally ran its course. Or died. I’m not sure what happened to that funny looking icon that I loved so much.

One thing I’m sure of.  Although Christmas will never be the same or as beautiful as my mother made it for our whole family, I still love the festive feel of the holidays.  There’s a homey, cozy and comfortable feeling my memories have given me. Somehow it has changed from what was and how much I missed it to wonderful memories I get to have now and how happy they make me. I just wish I would have paid more attention to my mother’s recipe for our traditional crab cioppino dinner every Christmas Eve!

The best thing about this December, however, is the very first one for our grandbaby, LauraSue.



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