A winter adventure I’d love to have…


December Writing Prompts

December 3, 2016

Write about a winter adventure you would love to have…

My mother always wanted to take Michelle and me on a winter train ride to Reno.  She talked about it every year, but never felt well enough to make the trip.  I remember thinking a holiday train excursion sounded magical; especially a scenic trip through the Sierra Nevada.  Certainly, the Christmas spirit would be in the air as well as beautiful photo opportunities.  I wanted to take this trip with MyChelle as one of our mother and daughter times, but we never got around to it. I don’t even know if I have ever mentioned it to her either.

Now everything has changed – for the better I might add. Reno, Nevada is not one of my favorite places.  I’d like to take my mother’s wish a step further, or carry it out in a different way at least.  How can I not take my grandchildren on the journey of THE POLAR EXPRESS?  I can’t imagine anything more festive.  Even my favorite actor, Tom Hanks, played six different roles in the 2004 film based on a children’s book.

The magical train ride to the “North Pole” is only an hour long.  I suppose one would have to see the movie before understanding the meaning behind it.  I’d like to be there to enjoy the story with our little LauraSue. The event comes complete with hot chocolate, cookies and characters from the movie riding along with passengers.  Santa Claus even shows up on board giving each passenger a silver sleigh bell as the “first gift of Christmas”.

The train departs and ends at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento.  Holiday songs are sung by all on the way back to the station where photos can also be taken with Santa Claus.  Tickets sell out fast every year – it’s quite a popular event.  This year would have been too early for our six month old, but it’s on my bucket list when she’s old enough to appreciate the whole celebration.

I can’t WAIT!!!

*    *    *    *    *

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