Do you decorate your RV for Christmas?

We can only dream of having Christmas on the road yet.  So I would like some participation from all of you RV enthusiasts!  I could have stolen – AHEM – borrowed so many pictures of interior and exterior shots of holiday designs, but I thought it would be more fun to see yours. There are some great, festive ideas out there.  Will you please share yours?

I have found some RV decorations useful for us now since we have already sized down (Phase I) for retirement. We already live in a smaller space with very little storage.  I can never figure out how to display our Christmas cards. The picture below is one of the ideas I can use now AND later:


image source:

We have already downsized our Christmas tree as well. Hubby already knows it will be coming on the road with us!


Our tree this year (4 ft. tall)

This little tree will look perfect in the following scenario:


image source:

I can’t wait to decorate like this. But while I’m dreaming, this is what I’d like the outside to look like (I wish I had designed it):


image source:

Our RV is different – and the one we will choose to go on the road with will be different as well, but that part doesn’t matter.  I just think this festive look will be great when we become “Snowbirds”!  We plan to be in warm weather when it’s cold in California. My husband will probably hate it, but I think it fits our personalities just fine.

SO LET’S SEE WHAT YOU GOT!!! Ready…Set…Go!  Please like and share and visit our blog.

Merry Christmas!

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