I am about to tell you a story about almost a whole day I will never get back:

It all started with a move from one small town to an RV park in a big city. We requested moving our Internet/WIFI service as well as Direct TV…you see…we wanted to keep the “bundled” rate.

We originally moved to a small site in our park while having our eyes on a larger, corner site. Low and behold…the larger site became available. I called and put the Internet installation on hold until we were settled in our permanent space. They were going to charge $99 and we didn’t want to have to pay that twice. Smart right? Mind you…we had already set up the installation in the original space and the service was available. All was well. Not really, but stay with me because there will be a solution that may help you in the future.

As our move date got closer, I received a letter stating I had better send back all of our equipment by a certain date to avoid a hefty charge. But wait! I never cancelled our service, remember? I put it on hold until we moved again (3 spaces down). Here is where the trouble started:

I called the phone company to reschedule our installation. Hold please. No really…hold…my business is important to them. Tick…tick…tick…as the hour goes by. FINALLY, a real person with an accent answers. He informs me the new space does not have service. WHAT? The site we were in was 50 feet away, yet had service. Hold please. “No – I’m sorry, you can be right across the street and not have service”, he said. So my question was, “how do I get service?”. He said, “a survey” will have to be done. “How long will that take?” No answer…more runaround. The more he “apologized” and avoided answering my questions, apparently not listed on his script, the more agitated I became.
Three hours later…I began multi-tasking. We had errands to run. So now we are at Sam’s Club…I have been on the phone this whole time without a break. I have asked to speak to the department manager – after being transferred three times and beating a dead horse. I finally gave up and hung up exasperated with the manager who would not answer my questions either.

I think the cashier at Sam’s Club could see it all over my face. How typical that my feelings were written all over my forehead. Knowing that, I asked her, “Have you ever spent almost four hours on the phone with a phone company without a resolution?” She said, “Yes, you should just go to the store. Make them make the calls for you. They have to help you there”. We did a high five, she looked at the big smile on my face, I told her co-worker she needed a raise for the best customer service ever, and we drove straight to the store. Why didn’t I think of that myself? This is why I’m sharing with you!

So little Kia, at the store, hooked us up. We have Internet and WIFI today and Direct TV is coming tomorrow. We have saved big bucks on a new bundled rate for all of our services. Oh and by the way, I have to tell you, Kia looked at me like I was crazy when I was telling her about how the whole thing started. I’m sure I was pretty animated, but I assured her I wasn’t taking it out on her. I only wanted her to know exactly what I had been through before standing in front of her. Then she called Direct TV to arrange transferring our service and installation. Poor thing. She got a taste of my angst with the “WORST customer service person ever” (Kia’s words). BTW – both services are owned by the same company. The lady was actually rude and lied to her own co-worker. This drove home the fact that I was not exaggerating about my day! See how this came full circle?

The moral of the story is…forget customer service via phone. Go straight to the source – in this case the store. If the company wants your business, they will help you when they see you are a real person. It would have saved me over four hours including the time I spent at the store.