Cooking on the Road

This category is reserved for different types of cooking while traveling, camping or staying in an RV while traveling – or not.

The way we cook has evolved over the years.  Initially, it was about using a dutch oven over a campfire and cooking outside on a Coleman stove or charcoal BBQ. We have an oven in our 5th wheel now and a microwave we use to store bread or pastries in.  I never have cooked in a microwave other than canned vegetables, frozen dinners and baked potatoes.

The first meal prepared in our travel oven was a Thanksgiving turkey.  My husband had to saw the handles off the roasting pan so it would fit, but it was delicious!  Last year was a first for me.  I made the dressing in a crock pot instead of stuffing the turkey like my grandmother and mother used to do.  There is something unnerving about that now. Women of today seem to think that is a pretty gross tradition. I have to agree – the turkey cooked faster and more evenly and the dressing was wonderful after spending all day in the slow cooker.

I’ll be adding recipes including our traditional Thanksgiving meal above, as well as campfire/outdoor cooked meals.

Bon appetit!



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