An RV Tip – Propane and Propane Accessories :-)


I sure have a lot of questions now that we are spending more time in our 5th wheel.  Most questions can be answered by my husband, but it doesn’t solve my curiosity. Sometimes I feel like a little kid:  “How does this work? How do you know blah blah blah?” Do men automatically come with mechanical solutions? It amazes me how he can put something together without instructions.  Not that most men want to read them anyway, but I digress. So I started researching to see what secret tips others have learned, or already knew, along the way.  I thought I’d share in case any of you have any cat traits like me!

Have you ever wondered how much fuel is really in that solid, white propane tank? How can one plan, OCD or not, if you don’t have the facts? Here are a few ways:

Check for dew on your tank first thing in the morning.  Wherever the moisture stops is where the propane level is.

Did you know a propane tank weighs around 30 pounds, plus the tank weight?  That’s one way of doing the math.  I don’t know if I want to travel with a scale, though.  Do you?  I’d rather stay in denial and judge my weight gain, or preferably loss, by the way my clothes fit. If there was a scale in our RV, I couldn’t help but torture myself by standing on it.

My favorite suggestion is to pour boiling water down the side of the tank.  The condensation line is where the propane level is.  Now THAT seems doable to me!

Or you could be like my husband.  He somehow never worries about it.  He just shakes it, or lifts it and says, “AH there’s plenty left”! Maybe that’s because we always have an extra tank for the fire pit and barbecue on hand. So we always have a back up.  But what if we run out of both at the same time?  I’m thinking we should monitor closer when we plan on being off the grid.  Yeah, that’s it.

* * * * * * * * * *

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